‚ÄčSimply put, we are a new church in an old building. However, we are grateful for our old building! Port City Baptist was started by the Jones family (5) and 1 visitor in July of 2009. After hopping from one rented space to another until January 2013, God literally gave us this building on the corner of Congress and Weymouth! We were only 15 people, and we had no money. God was showing us that this was His church and that He was going to provide.

We are in a constant state of renovation while looking and praying for the next building and the next step in the growth of our little church.

Our sole authority is the Word of God and we teach and preach from the King James Bible.

As far as our music is concerned, we follow Ephesians 5:19 which instructs us to sing psalms,

hymns and spiritual songs. Our music can be both old and new, lively and thoughtful. We don't

just stick to tradition but you won't find any strobe lights or fog machines either!

We are currently a small church with a big heart that desires to keep a family atmosphere no

matter how large God allows us to grow. We take the Bible seriously, and love people. So, we

hope you will prayerfully consider making Port City your church home!